Phantoms and Soft Time



1.10.19 - 2.14.19

Phantoms and Soft Time investigates the margins of reality, memory, and longing through the work of Arianna Khemlinick,  and Whiro Kim. Phantoms can suggest a slip in the familiar rootedness of our existence. An uncanniness that extends beyond, and towards our subconscious. Through painting, scent, and performance, each artist awakens relationships between the viewer and the work, that fold within lapses of time, and catalyze other dimensions. 

The exhibition questions how a multitude of these etheric glitches can alter our notions of the present, and invites us to account for our everyday phantoms, that nurture the possibilities of other worlds existing simultaneously within the past and future.

Zapha Lab, Phantoms and Soft Time, Swan Coach House Gallery, Iman Person

Contemporary Black Art