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My artistic practice serves as a compass to frame concepts of primordial memory, longing, and consciousness, through the lens of nature. I examine discussions centered on societal healing, language, plant technology, and identity to inform my research and use these theories as the explorative foundations of the urban shaman within contemporary culture.


I am interested in engaging with the soft boundaries/boundarylessness that exist within nature, the mind, and organisms of memory to shift our prevailing views of what constitutes as natural. By delving into the substrate of our senses, and our environment, I reconsider how blackness will be transformed and enhanced in the future. By exploring the vastness of traditional African and Indigenous rituals, ethnobotany, spirituality, and natural phenomena, I am able to construct new worlds that validate indigenous technologies. I am fascinated by these practices and their proximity to object-oriented theory, virtual realities, remote sensing, and other terms of mediation coined by the technological community.